Defining Your Moments As Leader

Leaders become better leaders when they experience a defining moment and respond to it correctly. Anytime they experience a breakthrough, it allows the people who follow them to also benefit. The difficulty with defining moments is that you don’t get to choose them. You can’t sit down with your calendar and say, “I’m going to schedule a defining moment for next Tuesday at eight o’clock.” You cannot control when they will come. However, you can choose how you will handle them when they come, and you can take steps to prepare for them. Here’s how:

Reflect on Defining Moments from the Past

It’s said that those who do not study history are destined to repeat its pastmistakes. That statement applies not only in a broad sense to a nation or culture but also to individuals and their personal histories. The best teacher for a leader is evaluated experience. To predict how you will han­dle defining moments in the future, look at the ones from your past.

Prepare for Defining Moments in the Future

One of the most valuable things leader had done is to make major choices before times of crisis or decision. That has enabled me to simply manage those decisions in critical moments of the process. In the book, Today Matters wrote by Johan C. Maxwell, he stated some information about these decisions in depth, that you a allow getting some of the gist:

Attitude: I will choose and display the right attitudes daily.

Priorities: I will determine and act upon important priorities daily. Health: I will know and follow healthy guidelines daily.

Family: I will communicate with and care for my family daily.

Thinking: I will practice and develop good thinking daily.

Commitment: I will make and keep proper commitments daily.

Finances: I will earn and properly manage finances daily.

Faith: I will deepen and live out my faith daily.

Relationships: I will initiate and invest in solid relationships daily.

Generosity: I will plan for and model generosity daily.

Values: I will embrace and practice good values daily.

Growth: I will desire and experience improvements daily.

Make the Most of Defining Moments in the Present

Now that you will be looking for defining moments, you will be in a bet- let, position to make the most of them. Remember that after we experience one, we are never the same again. But the kind of change we experience will depend on how we respond to those moments. Many of them present us with opportunities. With opportunities come risks, but don’t be afraid to like them. It is in moments of risk that the greatest leaders are often born.

You don’t need a lot of major breakthrough to achieve dramatic results. Just one can make a huge difference. As Albert Einstein used to say, he only came up the theory of relativity once, but it kept him in pipe tobacco for years.

You must believe that if you keep growing, keep seeking opportunities, and keep taking risks, you will continue to experience defining moments. In additional, if you keep making good choices and always try to do things that benefit your people in those moments, your leadership will continue to be redefined, to grow, and to improve. When that happens, everybody wins.

Defining Your Moments As Leader
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