Greg Lucier – Background And Career

Greg Lucier has a degree in engineering from the Pennsylvania state university and an MBA from Harvard University. He has held various positions at the general electric corporation in the medical systems division. He has been a corporate officer, a CEO, a president, a GE and has been responsible for an increase of 3.5 billion dollars. He has therefore led the company to profits and in turn progress. He then moved into the life technologies corporation as a CEO and chairman consecutively. He also was the board chairman, president and CEO at Invitrogen Corporation. He has been a part of the board of trustees at Sanford-Burnham Institute for Medical Research.

Today, he is the chief executive of life technologies which is a biotechnology company. He has been well known in the industry since quite some time and hence, he is expected to take this company to new heights as well. He has done wonders with the previous companies and he is been doing great with life technologies as well. Hence, one might see the company growing in no time at all. It will then be known as one of the top most biotechnology company. Such is the stature of Greg Lucier! Hence, “Life technologies” has been more than happy to have him on board.

He has interviewed a large number of people and his method of interviewing is an altogether different one. Greg Lucier usually asks people to share their biggest mistakes with him. However, that is not where he stops… He further asks them to tell him what they have learnt from their biggest mistake. Thus, his method of interviewing is an altogether different one. He gauges his candidates mainly through this question but one cannot always gather what he is looking for. However, that is quite some concept and who knows if the candidates have a tough time when he is interviewing them.
Greg Lucier
He has made numerous appearances on the bottom-line that used to be broadcasted on channels such as BBC Radio 4, the BBC World Service, and the BBC News Channel and so on. His appearances are available on podcast for downloading and anyone can take a look at it very easily. You can download these podcasts from the BBC channel or via the bottom-line videos available over the internet. You can carry a search over the internet in order to find his videos. A look at his videos will provide you with a deeper understanding of the kind of person that he is and you’ll find him all the more appreciable.

You can explore the internet to know more on this fellow and you’ll be welcomed by a lot of astonishing facts. He is someone to admire and look up to, given everything that he has achieved. He has succeeded in life and it isn’t easy for everyone to reach where he has. He has done himself proud without any doubt. One should definitely read up on Greg Lucier and take a look at his podcasts and videos.

Greg Lucier – Background And Career
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