Why You Should Consider Going Solar

The sun provides a constant and steady source of renewable power throughout the year. We have all heard that if we continue to deplete our natural resources at the current rate we will have a day of reckoning, unless we take action. Hooking up with CA solar power from Verengo is the only viable way for homes to save thousands in high electric bills, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Both wind and geothermal power stations require a huge and expensive set-up to produce a reliable green source of energy. Solarpowernotes.com reports that solar installations are flexible, and can be installed on the roof or on the ground. In addition, solar can be used in conjunction with other power sources such as wind, gas turbines, batteries, hydro, and the grid. Most homes remain hooked to the grid for night-time power; however homes that go this route typically lock into a favorable rate.

Today’s solar panels are extremely efficient and unlike fossil fuels cause no pollution. In addition, as little and zero down payment leasing options have become popular the solar industry has been busy creating much needed jobs for Americans, and this industry is still in its infancy.

Bootsontheroff.com states that homes that go solar are retaining their value better than homes without solar panels. This is important in today’s depressed real-estate market solar might just be the easiest way to add worth to your property. Solar homes sell at a higher price and sell quicker than non-solar homes. In addition, many states require the grid to buy back excess electricity produced from solar panels. The saving in electric bills when you go solar is huge, and in the thousands of dollars.

Everyday-wisdom.com reports that most people turn to solar for financial relief, because their electric bills are high, and keep going up. Solar panel costs have dropped in price dramatically and this is projected to continue well into the foreseeable future. Moreover, there are substantial tax breaks and rebates when solar panels are bought and installed, and there is a minimal amount of maintenance need to keep a solar power system going. If you lease your panels the maintenance is done by the leasing company, making solar a true worry-free experience.

It is estimated that electric rates could double every 10 years. Certainly, nobody wants to keep throwing this kind of money at the grid. Yet, most homes that connect to solar obtain a low electric rate from the power company, which not only significantly lowers your electric bill, but makes it predictable month to month. Many states even require the grid to buy back power your home never uses. This is called net metering and it literally makes your electric meter run backwards when your electric account is being credited, resulting in even more electric bill savings.

We are all trying to save money where we can in this stagnant economy. Electric rates are projected to double every decade, and the grid still uses polluting fossil fuels to create power. Solar, does not pollute, is clean energy, and solar panels have never been lower in price. Isn’t it time you considered going solar?

Why You Should Consider Going Solar
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