Smart Leaders Learn From Their Management Experience

We all begin our lives as empty notebooks.leadership experience Every day we have an opportunity to record new experiences on our pages. With the turning of each page, we gain more knowledge and understanding. Ideally, as we progress our notebook becomes filled with notations and observations. The problem is that not all people make the best use of their notebooks.

Some people seem to leave the notebook closed most of their lives. They rarely jot down anything at all. Others fill their pages, but they never take the time to reflect on them and gain greater wisdom and understanding.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

But a few not= only make a record of what they experience; they linger over it and ponder its meaning. They reread what is written and reflect on it. Reflection turns experience into insight, so they not only live the experience but learn from it. They understand that time is on their side if they use their notebook as a learning tool, not just as a calen­dar. They have come to understand a secret. Experience teaches nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything.

Gaining From Experience

Do you know people who have lots of knowledge but little understand­ing? They may have means, but don’t know the meaning of anything important? Even if they have a lot of know-how, they seem to possess little know-why? What is the problem with these individuals? Their life experience is void of reflection and evaluation. When twenty-five years go by, they don’t gain twenty-five years of experience. They gain one year of expe­rience twenty-five times!

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