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Listening Can Improve the Organization

The bottom line is that when the leader listens, the organization gets helter. organzation improveFormer Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca asserted, “Listening can make the difference between a mediocre company and a great one.” That means listening to people up and down the line at every level of the organization to customers, workers, and other leaders.

Dallas-based Chili’s, one of the nation’s top restaurant chains, has prided itself in having leaders who listen. Norman Brinker, onetime owner and chairman of Chili’s, believes that responsive communication is the key to good relations with both employees and customers. He also has lean that such communication pays big dividends. Almost 80 percent of Chili‚Äôs menu has come from suggestions made by unit managers. Continue reading “Listening Can Improve the Organization”

Listening Can Improve the Organization
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