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Why You Should Consider Going Solar

The sun provides a constant and steady source of renewable power throughout the year. We have all heard that if we continue to deplete our natural resources at the current rate we will have a day of reckoning, unless we take action. Hooking up with CA solar power from Verengo is the only viable way for homes to save thousands in high electric bills, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Both wind and geothermal power stations require a huge and expensive set-up to produce a reliable green source of energy. Solarpowernotes.com reports that solar installations are flexible, and can be installed on the roof or on the ground. In addition, solar can be used in conjunction with other power sources such as wind, gas turbines, batteries, hydro, and the grid. Most homes remain hooked to the grid for night-time power; however homes that go this route typically lock into a favorable rate. Continue reading “Why You Should Consider Going Solar”

Why You Should Consider Going Solar
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